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About | Sharyn McCullum, Live Work and Play® and LiveWorkPlayTravel


I fell in to travel writing. But I guess it was inevitable because I had travelled most of my life thanks to a dad who worked at Sydney Airport.

I was living in London doing the ‘London working holiday thing’ when a travel magazine advertised it was seeking travel articles. Having  recently returned from Turkey where I had gone for the 75th Anniversary of the landing of the ANZACs at Gallipoli I thought to myself ‘i could write an article’, so I did. Before I knew it, I had received a cheque in the post for 25 pounds for the article and was sending copies home to my family and friends. My passion for travel writing was ignited, that was way back in 1990.

I spent four years living and working in London writing travel articles on a casual basis. On my return home to Australia I wanted to continue so I soon found that writing travel guides was my thing and Live Work and Play® Publications was launched.


Live Work and Play® Travel Guides

My first travel guide was – surprise, surprise – a guide to a working holiday to London. I had always had it in my mind while living in London to write a how-to guide to a working holiday in London & the UK. This was because when I went to London I couldn’t find any relevant working holiday information in the bookstores and so one cold March morning I found myself at Heathrow Airport with no family or friends, no where to live, no work and wondered what to do next. To rectify this situation for future working holiday makers I wrote the travel guide.

I laboured a long time on what to call the guide. It had many names to begin with but none of them sounded quite right to me. One day I sat down and asked myself what is the essence of the book, and I answered – it is about living, working and playing in London and the UK. Hence Live Work and Play in London and the UK was born and has since been updated and published many times. And my series of Live Work and Play working holiday guides was born. After London came Australia, then Japan, Canada and the Republic of Ireland. I also wrote work specific guides such as Teaching English Overseas and Work on a Cruise Ship. Most of the guides have been updated and published a number of times.



After a hiatus I decided to awaken my travel guides and update them all. As people and companies have used the name Live Work and Play and variations of the words without permission, I have started Live Work Play Travel which compliments Live Work and Pay. Together they are showing my philosophy about travel which is, Live Work and Play and LiveWorkPlayTravel – it’s more than a way to travel is a lifestyle.

Please visit my websites / blogs: : working holiday information website and blog; : London working holiday website; : Australia website and blog : travel, food and lifestyle blog

As well as writing and publishing I also do freelance writing and provide content for other websites, blogs and magazines. If you would like me to provide content for you please email me at

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