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There should be no reason to pit a travel writer against a travel blogger. Nor to think that one is more prestigious than the other. But if you are trying to decide where to focus your efforts, it is worthwhile considering the four main differences between travel writing and travel blogging. Once you are aware of them I hope they help you decide which one you would like, or prefer to be. Here are what I think are the four main differences between a travel writer and a travel blogger.


Travel Blogging Involves Different Jobs While Travel Writing Focuses On One


To be a successful travel blogger you must develop an extensive list of skills. These include being a writer (content creator), editor, photographer, website / blog graphic designer, social media guru and affiliate marketing whiz. You need to master all of these (or seek help from others who specialise in these areas) to be a successful blogger.

Travel writers on the hand typically focus on the craft of writing. They may take photos to accompany the article and then let the publication they are writing for handle the rest. That would be the editing, website design, social media and marketing.


Travel Bloggers Must Find And Connect With An Audience While Travel Writers Must Find A Publication


Unless you have secured a staff position at a publication, pitching your ideas is a big part of being a freelance travel writer. Basically, you must pitch your idea to an editor or editors of publications. Then hope they will be interested in what you are offering. In most cases, you must specifically write what the publication wants.

Travel bloggers on the other hand don’t have to worry about finding an editor. This is because travel bloggers write, edit and publish whatever they want. They then use social media to reach their audience.


Travel Bloggers Own Their Own Work While Travel Writers Sell The Rights To Their Work


That’s right, travel bloggers create and own their work. Unless they are blogging for someone else. While travel writers sell the rights to their work for particular areas/regions. This means you might sell one article for the Australian region. Then you could sell it again for the UK market.


Travel Writers Receive One Payment Per Article


Travel writers are paid one amount for their article. Usually based on word count. Travel bloggers make money in a number of ways. Mostly by monetising their blog. Most do this with Google Ads and by joining affiliate programs that they promote. The more promotion or selling of the affiliate program in their blogs the more commission they can make.

Ultimately, travel bloggers and travel writers are in the same business. That of providing travel information. They just do it in different ways. It is up to you to decide which one you want to be or you could be both!


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