When I started writing travel articles there were only two options available. You were either a staff writer on a magazine or newspaper or you could be a freelancer.

Staff writers were usually university trained journalists and as I wasn’t, I chose to be a freelance travel writer. Like many other freelancers, i had the glamorous idea of visiting far-flung places, staying in five-star accommodation, gazing at fabulous vistas, eating local exotic foods and getting paid handsomely for writing about the experience. Hmmmmm……didn’t always work out that way.

Things have changed since I first started, or maybe evolved is the right word to use rather than changed. Although the older options of writing for magazines and newspapers still exist there are a lot fewer of them to sell your writing to.

But before you get depressed about hearing this, with the advent of the Internet travel writing has evolved immensely and ways to make money from travel writing has evolved also. Instead of travel writers forming associations with the travel editors of magazines and newspapers and writing a specific article targeted at a specific market and on a specific topic most freelance travel writers are making money on the road from their own blogs and websites.

So how do you make money from travel writing nowadays? Most editors will now advise you to find a niche and concentrate on it by having your own website and/or blog and showing the world how much of an authority you are on it. You could write your own travel e-book and sell it on-line as well. You can also monetise your website and/or blog (that will be another blog – stay tuned) by joining affiliate programs and selling travel-related products.

For many, websites and blogs are proving to be a more flexible lifestyle. Being able to post a blog from anywhere in the world for people to see and read instantly is very fulfilling, and if the website and blog is making you money – even better!

Getting your work out there to be seen is the biggest asset you can have nowadays as a travel writer/blogger so having a social media presence is a must. Choosing which social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to use will help to get your name and your product/s out there.

Yep, travel writing sure has evolved and I am enjoying the creative challenges it is throwing my way.