Most of us start a blog for one of two reasons. Either for the fun of it or to make an income. For me, it was for the fun of it as I felt I had a lot of travel information to offer. But as time has progressed I am trying to turn my fun into an income – the correct term to use is: I am ‘monetising’ my site/blog. I have tried a number of ways but the following 3 are proving fruitful for me.

Write & sell ebooks

I have specialized in writing working holiday travel guides for many years that were printed and available in bookstore but I have decided to turn them in to ebooks. This enables me to update them more regularly to ensure my readers are receiving the latest information possible. At the moment that is every year. My most popular travel guide is LiveWork&Play in London & the UK. Check out my travel guides at and

Google Ads

I have had Google Ads on my sites for a long time. I never wanted them originally because I didn’t want people visiting my site, seeing an interesting Google Ad and leaving my site. However, I got over this, and now I have Google Ads on my sites. What I also like is they pay regularly. For more information on Google Ads visit

Affiliate programs

Joining and promoting affiliate programs are my third option for monetizing my site. Basically you become an affiliate, you choose products and services you want to promote by having an ‘affiliate link’ into your posts/pages and when visitors click on the affiliate link and make a purchase you receive a commission. There are a number of organisations offering affiliate programs. I am currently with Commission Factory and Commission Junction but there are a number of others.

You will probably read many articles about monetizing your website/blog and they will probably offer many more ways to monetize your website/blog than I have. What I would say to that is to start small and only monetize with a couple of options. I say this because it is a lot of work implementing monetizing options on to your website/blog and also can be very time consuming to monitor.

About the author: Sharyn McCullum is a travel writer and blogger. She has travelled the world and currently calls Melbourne, Australia home.