Welcome to www.liveworkplay.com.au.

liveworkplay.com.au has been around for a long time (since the 1990s). It began to provide working holiday information to those seeking such information and to support and promote the LiveWork&Play series of working holiday guides written by Sharyn McCullum.

This site, for a number of reasons, has now morphed in to www.liveworkplaytravel.com and just as before, provides the latest information on working holidays around the world and produces a range LiveWork&Play guides as ebooks. Plus it provides loads of other general useful travel information through blogs as well as being your link to travel accessories, products and resources. If you want to start your own blog there is plenty of information on how to do this. Please visit so we can help you to begin your journey – whatever that may be.

LiveWorkPlayTravel – it’s more than a way to travel – it’s a lifestyle.