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Live Work and Play ® was created in the 1990s by me, Sharyn McCullum. I created it as the name of my working holiday guides because a working holiday overseas is more than just working, it is about spending extended time in a different country living, working and playing.


Under the Live Work and Play banner I write and publish a range of working holiday, gap year and general travel guides. They have been written to help you hit the ground running on a working holiday to one of these countries.

Working Holiday Guides


To find out which countries have a working holiday visa and what work you can do while you travel visit


Travellers Fare Fast and Fabulous Meals is my Recipe Blog that provides recipes with limited ingredients and utensils but are easy to make while you travel.

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Become A Travel Writer

I fell into travel writing myself. And what I discovered was that you don’t need a journalism qualification to provide great travel articles that sell. What you need are a few skills to help you get an Editor’s attention so they buy your article. To help you get these skills I have put together a travel writing course. After 5 easy lessons you will have the skills you need to be on your way to becoming a travel writer that is making money from their travels. To start your travel writing career click here.


The Live Work and Play ® Philosophy

– It’s more than a way to travel – It’s a lifestyle.

Turn your travels into your lifestyle.