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Live Work & Play has been around since the 1990s. It began to provide working holiday information and promote the LiveWork&Play series of working holiday guides written and published by me, Sharyn McCullum. Please visit my bookstore to see the current range.


This site, for a number of reasons, but particularly because other people and companies kept using the name without permission, has morphed into LiveWorkPlayTravel. Just as before, the site provides information on living, working, playing and travelling around the world through blogs, books (both printed and electronic) and links to products and services.


Together, Live Work & Play and Live Work Play Travel encompass my philosophy that travel is a lifestyle.


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Is London & the UK calling you for a working holiday? Then visit www.londonworkingholiday.com to get your trip started. 

This is what I currently call my mothership website and provides info and links to help others live, work, play and travel the world.


Whether you are an Australian citizen or an overseas visitor and you are thinking of travelling around Australia and maybe picking up work as you go, then visit www.liveworkplay-australia.com